Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml (MSRP $25.00)
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Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml (MSRP $25.00)

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Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml

Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml (MSRP $25.00) - Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml . Order today to take advantage of wholesale pricing on Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml, ejuice flavors - extracts, naked100, mr. salt-e & lemon twist. HS Wholesale - National Vape & Smoke Shop Distributor

Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml

  • Strawberry Guava Jackfruit: A classic strawberry with a tropical guava and jackfruit twist:
  • Peach Papaya Coconut Cream: Peaches n' cream blended with just a hint of coconut and tropical papaya
  • Mango Pitaya Pineapple: Sweet mangos blended with fresh pineapple and tropical pitaya
  • The Mint Leaf: Honeydew, berries, and kiwi with a burst of menthol
  • Huckleberry Pear Acia: A blend of fresh organic Pear and Acai to offer you a refreshing, clean vape.
  • Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry: Pachamama presents Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry is a blend of blood orange, banana, and gooseberry.
  • Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu: Pachamama presents Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu, a delicious blend of passion fruit, raspberry, and yuzu.
  • Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine: Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine E-Juice by Pachama.
  • Size: 60ml Plastic Bottle.

Packaging List: 1 x Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml (MSRP $25.00), Warranty Card 1 (varies by product), 1 x User Manual (varies by product), Certificate of Authenticity (varies by product)

Available at HS Wholesale - National Vape, Smoke Shop and JUUL Distributor

Pachamama E-Liquid 60ml (MSRP $25.00) HS Wholesale - National Vape, Smoke Shop and JUUL Distributor

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