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Bomb Sauce Salt E-Liquid 30ml (MSRP $20.00)

Bomb Sauce Salt E-Liquid 30ml Flavor/Size: Alien Piss - Blue Raspberry Lemonade Alien Piss II - Strawberry Lemonade  Alien Piss III - Watermelon Lemonade  Alien Piss IV - Peach Lemonade Alien Piss V - Grape Lemonade Classic Peppermint...

Transistor E-Liquid 30ml (MSRP $15.00)

Transistor E-Liquid 30ml  Flavors/Size: Lem'n Berry- This tart yet savory e-liquid perfectly combines the tartness of ripe lemons and the satisfying sweetness of fresh berries to create a complex flavor that will perfectly satisfy your fruity...

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